Caro Stefano,
Martin and I wanted to send you a letter of our deepest thanks and appreciation for your impeccable photography services on our wedding day! We received the most
beautiful album recently and haven't been able to stop looking at all the wonderful photo memories! It is truly a work of art and a lasting legacy of the most important day
in our lives. We can't say enough about your artistry, refined eye and creativity in all the work that you do. Your unique style and incredible vision show in every frame!
You and Sebastian had a marvelous of way of working together and with us, making the experience all the more magical and fun! You were such a pleasure to work with
and we only wish we had more time to drink a few more toasts and enjoy more of your company on that day! Perhaps on a return trip, we will be able to get together for a
visit over some good wine and special meal---we would love that!
We hope to celebrate a wedding anniversary in Italy ---in which we would desire your photography services once again. We only hope that by the time we plan on doing
this, that you will be available!
Again---our most sincere and warmest thanks to you, Stefano! Your passion and talents are one-of-a-kind and we will treasure all of our photos and our extraordinary
album always! We hope you are doing well and are enjoying the summer with your family.
Grazie a mille, migliore riguardo!
Gabriela & Martin